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Apple’s iPhone 5 is the latest one in, having a slimmer profile, a larger screen and the gorgeous Retina display. Offering support for SSL VPN, secure APIs and a range of enterprise resources on the iPhone 5, Apple has finally been able to provide third party app developers to produce secure solutions. Running on Apple’s own A6 Chip with quad core processors, the i0S 6 which comes with the iPhone 5 is smooth and powerful.

Even though the Android platform has slowly started to chip away the iPhone phenomena, almost all apps are made for iOS first, including CRM and Xero, which shows how reliable a platform and smartphone it is.

BlackBerry Z10

Before Apple and Android, BlackBerry was the first choice of any business minded individual. The company is now trying to gain back that same reputation it once had with its new BlackBerry Z10, which runs on BlackBerry’s latest BlackBerry 10 operating system.

The Z10 doesn’t have the BlackBerry’s signature QWERTY keyboard, which has been replaced by a full 4.2 inch capacitive HD touch screen. It has a dual core processor, 16 GB on built-in storage and a mammoth 2GB of RAM, making sure your rich PDF documents or presentation files run without any hiccups.

Since the Z10 is primarily targeted for the business users, BlackBerry Enterprise Service, or BES 10 ensures fully encrypted messages and emails. On the minus side, the Z10 does not support CRM that works with Xero software, as it is a relatively new platform.

Never use your mobile phone when you are driving your car to avoid accident.

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