Advantage of Having a Vaccine for Your Pets

Vaccinations have greatly helped animals to fight diseases such as canine distemper and canine parvovirus as well feline leukemia. Due to pet vaccines the diseases have been reduced in the general population of pets. Be knowledgeable on the vaccines available for your pets to protect them against diseases. You can also consult professional veterinary clinic for the best vaccines for your pets. It is always better to seek an advise from them so as not to compromise the health of your pets.


The disease is spread through the mucous membrane after penetration or enters after the dog indirectly comes in contact with infected urine. Once it reaches the blood, it begins to rapidly multiply in various organs of the animal’s body that includes the liver, spleen, kidney, eyes and central nervous system.

The damage to the internal organs depends mostly on the weakness of the host and the strength of the bacterium organism. The young pets are more severely damaged their adult counterparts. Most leptospirosis infection systems present as a high fever, shivering and muscle tenderness as well as vomiting and rapid dehydration.

Dogs with a more severe infection may show signs of hypothermia and kidney or liver failure.

Dogs with a subacute infection may develop anorexia, intense bile vomiting, fever, dehydration and an increase in their thirst for water. There is also the chance dogs may develop jaundice. This disease causes a lot of agony for your pet, so much that he finds it difficult to move. As lepto is a serious disease, your dog badly requires a pet vaccine.

Keeping your pet dog healthy is a must for they can be considered as the best security alarm at home.

It is important to have your pets vaccinated especially if you are moving home for their protection

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