Advantages of using eftpos terminals

Eftpos terminals are electronic device often seen in various establishments that accept cashless payments. The word eftpos is an abbreviation for electronic funds transfer at point of sale. While a cashless payment is an advantage for customers, what benefits do eftpos terminals bring to shops and other businesses which use these machines? Here are several advantages businesses have when using eftpos terminals.


Process transactions instantly

One of the best reasons why having an eftpos terminal to help around in the business is that it has a fast method of processing transactions. Communications are easily rallied from the terminal to the bank and back again with a swipe of a card and the entering of the necessary information needed. This can save a lot of time for both the customer and the business establishment, especially for those who need a speedy transaction such as super markets.

Transactions are secured

One of today’s biggest concerns is theft in any forms and this is greatly worrisome especially if it happens when a person is paying for an item or a service. Eftpos terminals remove these fears both for the client and the merchant as transactions that pass through these devices are guaranteed to be safe. A additional safety feature in today’s eftpos terminals is that it can now monitor and prevent fraudulent transactions to happen. This is a win-win situation for both the buyer and the seller as the seller is assured of a payment and at the same time, the buyer’s account will be safe from having illegal transactions added in his account without knowledge.

Accepts privilege cards

Nowadays a lot of stores, especially supermarkets, offer privilege cards to their loyal patrons. These cards collect a certain amount of points depending on the point system created by the shop. These points are then accumulated which can be used to pay for a merchandise or service the next time the customer avails the store of what he or she is looking for. Eftpos terminals have been currently updated to accept these types of transactions to let the customer fully enjoy their experience with the establishment where they have become loyal patrons. This is not only a form of a cashless payment but customers will also be able to have a certain dollars off on what they spent or get the item for free thanks to their privilege card.

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