All about Barramundi

It won’t be wrong to say that Barramundi is one of the most powerful and most loved fishes in western Australian sea. They are normally found in the Kimberly region and are an icon of that region. They are appreciated by frivolous fishers for their taste, huge size and the display of resistance when hooked.

Western Australia has quite a big market of the Barramundi fishes. They are found in both fresh and salty waters. One of the most intriguing features of these fishes is that they consume almost every living being that comes in their way. They don’t hesitate in eating even their own peers. They can eat a prey of up to 60% of their own length. During their lifetime they reach to the length of up to 200 cm and weight of around 60kg.They also change their sex during their life cycle and become female from male.

Built of Barramundi

They belong to the family of sea perch. They can be distinguished by their built features like pointed head, big jaw and concave forehead. The saltwater Barramundi generally has a silver body with yellow colored fins on its back. The freshwater Barramundis give a greenish blue appearance with tall black colored fins.They give hard time to those who come for deep sea fishing.

What do they eat?

Their diet includes small insects, large fishes, birds, reptiles and prawns. After becoming adult they eat up even the other Barramundis in order to stay alive. Survival is most important for them.

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