All about Vaccinations for Your Pet Dog

Being an owner of a dog, it is your primary responsibility to protect it from various diseases. Pet vaccines are really important to prevent your dog from getting infected with various kinds of diseases which are critical and sometimes even fatal.

Key Benefits

The first and foremost reason to get your dog vaccinated is to prevent it from acquiring various infections and diseases. Vaccines are generally very effective and known to have very less side-effects.

Treating diseases such as distemper, parvovirus and hepatitis can be very expensive and more often ineffective. In such cases, preventive dog vaccination is better than the cure. Further, in diseases such as rabies, vaccines protect both you and your dog as humans are also susceptible to this disease.

There is also a popular term called “Herd Immunity” which has evolved due to significant number of pets getting vaccinated regularly. This is a type of immunity that gets developed in a community when significant portion of the population is protected against a disease through vaccines and they can no longer spread that disease. In turn, the incidence of that disease reduces significantly.

Herd immunity once developed can save numerous lives. One such example is distemper disease for which dogs have developed the herd immunity. As such the number of cases reported for distemper disease in dogs has significantly reduced.

Avoid giving chocolates, citrus fruits, tomatoes, spicy food to your dogs as this can disturb the saliva preparation and further digestion which will make them inclined to pick up the wrong chewing habits. In case, you find the problem aggravating itself, visit and consult with Pet Vets immediately.

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