Camping Trips for Students – Things to Send Along with Your Child

School excursions Snowy Mountains can be a fun filled experience. Children learn a lot many things such as sharing, living with others, appreciating the nature and bonding with their friends. Schools take the effort for organizing camping trips to important places that are enriched with natural surroundings.

At the camping site, students will be cooking, building tents, making a bonfire and other extracurricular activities that will add on to their excitement of going on a trip. They will also be getting a glimpse of being close to the nature in its wilderness.


Pack comfortable clothes such as shorts and cotton shirts. If the camping trip for students if more than two days, then pack a nightwear too. Add in the undergarments, shoes, slipper, socks and swimming costume. However, if it is an overnight camping trip you can reduce the clothing to just for a day. If your child is going out in summer, shorts and light shirts are the best option.

After a camping trip, your family can stay in a vacation home to relax.

Basic amenities

At camping site the hygiene level is not good. Therefore, you should ensure that your child has adequate toiletries to maintain a good hygiene. Pack a small pouch with toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, perfume, sanitizer, cotton, mosquito repellent. Shampoo and conditioners also has to be packed separately. Do not forget to add a lotion and comb in the pouch.

Nevertheless, it is always better to send along a medical kit with your child. In case your child feel sick, he can easily take the medicine he needs.

Portable solar panels are useful for outdoor activities like camping or hiking. Since they are portable, they can be easily carried and setup after.

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