Common Questions and Answers in Organising Casino Fun Nights

Preparations for a casino party is always the hardest task. It will make or break your casino fun night. Given here are the most commonly asked question and their solutions that will help you make your casino fun night a night to remember.

How do I keep my guests entertained?

A great way to keep your guests entertained is to greet them with surprises. Hand out play money to the guests arriving. Alternate your dealers but do it in a systematic way. You may use a bag of marbles with some indicating who starts out as the “dealers.” Number the marbles so that the order of dealers is clear. You also need to plan out the games of the casino fun nights. Include common games such as poker, blackjack, roulette and craps.

Have the rules and information handy for the dealer in case any disputes arise. Hand out awards or prizes all through the night. Reward the guest who has the best poker hand as well as the one with the worst hand. At the end of the night you can hold an auction of gifts, which gives the guests the opportunity to spend their winnings.

What should I keep in mind when hiring fun casino party organizers?

Always check with your state’s laws on gambling and whether the organizers you want to hire adhere to the guidelines laid down by the state, in other words check if they are legal. Also check if the organizers are insured and up to what amount.

Check with other organizers on the prices so that they don’t overcharge you. Finally call them up and discuss your schedule and plans with the organizers and make sure you are free to make the changes that suit you and your casino fun nights the best.

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