Common Security Tips at Home

Securing your house is one of the things that you need to do especially when you are almost out all day for work. Conceal the wiring of security alarms to prevent burglars from cutting them to interrupt their functionality. This is applicable to electricity and phone wiring as well. Thieves are also on the lookout for copper in the wirings and air conditioning units which can be sold to earn a quick buck. To prevent theft of such nature, protect the external wiring well to make it difficult to get to. CCTV install in Brisbane is one of the security measures that they usually do for commercial or residential properties.

Keep valuable electronic equipment like large HDTV out of sight of thieves by restricting the view to your rooms. Use curtains to cover your windows well and keep electronic equipment out of sight.

Keep the area around your house free from hiding places like bushes. Burglars are likely to find them useful in taking shelter. As far as possible, the way from your gate to your door and windows should be free from obstacles to provide a clear view of anyone trying to intrude.

If you are moving into a new home, change the passcode for the security system. Change the locks if you lose the key, or if you doubt anyone other than you have an access to the lock. Leave the keys with a trusted neighbor rather than hiding the spare key somewhere. Do not leave spare keys or car keys in your house such that they can be found easily. Security alarm installer offers varieties of security equipments that you can use at home such as vibration sensor, reed switches and others.

Mark your properties well, by engraving them or using an ultraviolet marker, to make it difficult for the burglars to resell the stolen property.

Dogs can be your best security alarm if you like pets. A beware of dog sign can keep off burglars even if you do not have any.

These common security tips followed in addition to installing good security alarms like a CCTV, can prevent burglaries in your house.

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