Common Team Building Mistakes to Avoid

The significance of an efficient team cannot be undermined when you want to complete projects on time. Employees need to support each other and work together towards a common goal if the organization is to move ahead. Hence, team devlopment is an important exercise that no business owner or leader can afford to neglect.

Building a team is like creating a complex mosaic from scratch. You will have to blend different personalities, handle difficult members and inspire everybody to work towards a shared vision. It is not easy and mistakes are common. However, you can certainly do a better job if you know beforehand some of the common mistakes to avoid in the process.

Being Out of Touch with your Teammates

As a team leader, you are expected to lead from the front. This means you really have to be in the thick of things instead of sitting in your glass chamber. You may not be doing everything yourself but you should be approachable, visible and clearly interested in the work at hand. Your teammates should look up to you for direction and advice instead of fearing you.

Don’t yell or accuse people for missed deadlines or common mistakes. Take stock of the situation, analyze the problematic areas and use your wisdom and experience to sort it out. Don’t expect people to respect you just because you are the ‘leader’; earn that respect by projecting yourself as a good role model.

Encourage healthy debates about assignments so that each member feels included and important. Talk individually to each member to understand their grievances and expectations.

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