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Event planners as the name suggests are people who plan events. Event planners may be versatile – those who organize any and all events – or specialized – those who organize only specific types of events.

If you need to organize corporate events, you would be well advised to hand over the task to event planners. They are experienced in the job and they have the infrastructure in place to do the job successfully. Plus they are not distracted by other office work because planning events is what they do.

What will the Event Planner do?

When you talk to an event planner he will do what you want him to do. He will suggest venues, arrange catering, arrange decorations, organize fun and games, provide music, send out your invites, and arrange transportation and a lot more. He will work closely with you or your designated employees and arrange everything including the ticket and hotel booking for the attendees.

Scrutinizing portfolios

Know about the past events organized by the chosen planner and the success of the said events. Ask for the event planners for their testimonials. Any close personal contacts might help you better if they had worked previously with the planner.



Scrutinize the past events in terms of quality and quantity. Has the company delivered as promised? Is the organizer experienced in planning events like yours? Were those events of the same size as yours? Ask these few questions to yourself before assigning the contract.

Establishing rapport

It is a tedious task to plan an event. Meeting deadlines and working in sync requires you to establish a good rapport with the planner. If your relationship with the planner does not gel, the entire process might seem like a chore and you will leave your guests disappointed. You must ensure that the events planner you are going to deal with feels right and good.