Create Energy From Sunlight

The quest to harness the solar power in a broader sense has been going on for a long time. The biggest source of world’s energy comes from the sun. New technologies can derive energy from one form of energy (solar) or the other, but then, there are also technologies available that transform sun’s power directly into electricity. Generating electricity directly from sun doesn’t exhaust any of the natural resources on earth. There are of course many ways to generate power from the sun, but two ways stand out: Photovoltaic (PV) and Solar Thermal Technologies.

Solar Thermal Technologies

Solar thermal technologies are conventional electric power generating technologies. The sun’s heat is used to create a stream that in turn derives electricity. Parabolic trough systems are used mainly. They concentrate sunlight using reflectors to heat oil, which later creates steam. Standard turbines are driven by these.

There are further two other systems in solar thermal technologies: Parabolic dish systems and central receiver systems. In parabolic dish systems, pressurized gas is created by concentrating sunlight and gaseous helium or liquid sodium is heated. Mirrors are featured in central receiver systems to reflect sunlight onto a huge tower that is filled with fluid, which when heated, steam is created. It is mainly used to drive turbines. Solar thermal technologies, like PV, create none of the air emissions.

Understanding how and where you contribute to carbon footprints is the first step towards reducing the same. Using electricity generated from fossil fuels like coal or using your car extensively contributes towards substantial release of harmful carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Avoid using the car and walk as much as possible. Run all household appliances on solar electricity and also try to use the same at your workplace. By making a few minor changes, you can make hefty savings on your monthly electricity bills as well as reduce your carbon footprints.

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