Creative Ways to Make More People Use Skip Bins in your Neighbourhood

Littering is an individual preference and trait. Choosing to throw waste anywhere and everywhere is just a sign of being careless, negligent and oblivious to the discomfort of others. And once somebody starts disposing their waste haphazardly, it quickly becomes a habit and the entire neighbourhood is affected.

Be a Responsible Business Owner

If you are a business owner, use your resources and opportunities to spread awareness about the use of skip bins in your neighbourhood. If you have truckloads of trash leaving your compound daily, always remember to cover and tie the load securely.

Use a brightly decorated tarpaulin sheet with a catchy slogan and attractive visuals as the cover. Both the slogan and the graphics should be on the effectiveness of using a skip bin for waste disposal. People must be able to see the cover from a mile and understand the message. Skip bins are also extensively used in other commercial areas like supermarkets, offices and restaurants.

Sponsor a Community Event

Sponsoring a local event is a great way of boosting your business in the immediate neighbourhood. Now use this opportunity to make your neighbours aware of the uses of skip bins Perth. Decorate trash cans, ashtrays and other waster receptacles with trendy messages on the importance of proper waste disposal and use suitable graphics.

Place these at strategic locations where people are likely to use them and hence read the message. These can also have your company logo or special message on waste disposal that will increase your brand value as a responsible entrepreneur.

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