Differences Between A Forklift and Wheel Loader

Transportation is a very important part of any industry. Be it construction, retail, storage facilities and so on, specialized vehicles are used to transport the things on site from one place to the other. Forklifts and wheel loader are two very efficient and powerful vehicles used to fulfill the purpose of transporting the raw materials and packed boxes.

Size of machines

The two machines not only differ in terms of the location of their use but also differ in the size and build type of theirs. Forklifts are smaller as compared to the wheel loader which is fairly large in size. They reason behind this is very simple as the forklifts are operated in closed environment and do not carry too much of a load while the wheel loaders work outside the enclosed area and thus get more freedom to maneuver in the given space. Being size, the forklifts are comparatively easier to drive than the wheel loaders.

Things they carry

They also differ in the type of things they carry with them. As mentioned earlier, the forklifts have fixed size boxes and containers kept on the forks. The containers are kept on the forks by sliding over them and the same procedure is followed to remove them at their destination. On the other hand, the wheel loaders pick up the sand by using the bucket like structure, situated at one end of the picking arm. Just like an elephant with a trunk, wheel loader picks up all the necessary sand.

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