Elliptical Trainer

Intervals are beneficial in boosting your calorie burn and breaking up the monotony. You may do this in two ways, which are as follows- change your pace and keep the resistance steady (exercise fast for a minute; moderately for 4 minutes) or change your resistance and maintain your speed (challenging resistance for a minute and using moderate resistance for 4 minutes).

Putting too much pressure on your toes and not changing directions

If you put much pressure on your toes, your feel will go numb and the workout time is cut short. Sitting back into the heels, ensures that the large muscle groups work harder and improves your stamina.

Changing directions will prevent you from getting bored. Additionally, it also makes sure that all the large muscle groups are incorporated in the training schedule. While moving exercise equipment backward, fatigues your hamstring and gluteus, moving forward works out your quadriceps.

Spinning the way up a hill and being an elliptical junkie

Some models use a ramp incline, which is quite similar to a treadmill. But in case of elliptical, a machine with a large incline will not help. On the contrary, it will make your cardio less effective as pushing and pulling on a large incline, is far easy.

Lastly, do not get addicted to one exercise equipment only.

In addition to elliptical, supplement your training routine with other equipment like dumbbells and rowers. This will work out all groups of muscles and will keep your body in a great shape.

Treadmills, on the other hand, are great if budget is not a concern; and if losing weight and intense training are your main objectives.

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