Essential Restroom Products Every Office Should Stock in Bulk

When it comes to employee satisfaction and reviews, simple things like cleanliness of the toilet and availability of essential restroom products also matter. Having an unclean restroom or not having tissue papers or sanitizers can frustrate an employee. It is important for the concerned people to make a list of essential products their office should have and buy a stock from someone in charge of selling toilet paper supplies and other essential items. Buying in bulk not just saves money, but also makes sure the employee gets what he wants, when he wants.

Trash bags

Trash bags are important in any office setting – large or small. Whether it’s for disposing off used tissues, waste or other stuff, trash bags are an absolute must inside a restroom. If you are planning to buy them, buy in bulk. They are necessary everyday and are replaced daily. This makes it important to stock the product.

Toilet paper

Next time you are looking for toilet paper supplies, make sure you buy them in bulk. Toilet papers are used several times by the employees and are required in huge quantities. Also, the amount of paper used by a single person cannot be predicted. So, it’s safe to stock them beforehand.

Hand sanitizer

Once the employee uses the restroom, he might want to use a hand sanitizer. While some offices prefer soaps over hand sanitizers, you can still have them in stock. You can keep both in a restroom and leave it to your employees’ preference. Hand sanitizers are a quick way to clean hands when freshening up or going out for snacks.