Floor Sanding Project – Why do you need a professional

In essence, floor sanding in Ipswich may seem like an easy process. All you do is take the sander from a local store, bring it home, and use it. But what many people don’t understand is that it requires a lot of skill to handle the sander well. The sander needs to move at the same level and with the same force all over the floor so that it does not strip away more wood in certain areas and less in others.

Also important is the preparatory work required before you start sanding. Furniture has to be moved, the area being sanded has to be separated from the rest of the house by putting up plastic sheets to keep in the dust, and the correct type of sander has to be bought depending on the floor type and sanding required. The amount of labour required to sand the floors is also intensive. Which is why, sometimes it is best to leave things to a pro. A professional sander can put in the hours and make sure that the equipment is used correctly without any negative impacts.

Things you need to know before you get your floor sanded

  • Do not sand harwdood floors for more than 4-5 times. You risk damaging the structural integrity of the wood
  • Do not sand engineered flooring that is only made to look like wood and isn’t real wood at all
  • If your floor has major imperfections that need to be levelled, then call a professional for better results

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