Guidelines on Selecting the Paper for Your Business Stationary

Business stationary is a useful marketing tool on any business. This includes but not limited to letter heads, printing projects, envelopes, business cars, flyers etc. Your printing services can help you regarding the kind of paper that will best suit your needs but the task becomes easier if you have an understanding of paper so that you can be more particular about your needs.


For letterheads generally bond or text papers are used. The bond stocks that are frequently used for letterheads weigh about 20#, 24#, and 28#. You can also try offset papers as per your needs. If you have to use your letterheads in laser-printers then you must ensure that the paper you choose is laser-compatible.


These may come in various sizes and styles. The most common type of envelopes used for the business purpose is the 10# envelope.

Envelopes are used for different purposes and they surely represent your company. So you need to choose the style and size according to your requirements.

You can choose between 80# and 100# gloss text and 80# and 100# dull or matte text papers for your brochures, catalogue inserts, information sheets and self-mailers.


The brightness of the paper determines the overall visual appearance of the paper as to how much light it will reflect. Choose paper with more brightness because it will give a higher contrast, more vivid images and crisper texts.

Benefits of Cloud Printing

You can print any document through any printing device from anywhere at any time. Cloud printing allows you to print and send documents from smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops to a million print locations situated all across the globe. The ease of use is another benefit that deserves mention. All you have to do is email the document to a service provider who offers cloud printing services.

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