How to Ensure Your Formal Dinnerware Clean and Ready

Prolonged storage can also mean that you are not always aware of the condition of your crockery. And on the day of the party, a few cracked or chipped items can easily give you a nasty surprise. So how do you ensure that your precious Maxwell & Williams crockery and other kitchen equipment always party ready?

Store your Dinnerware Carefully

Storage is of vital importance when precious and delicate items such as formal dinner set are concerned. If you store your dinnerware carefully, you can be sure of using them anytime without having to check them for cracks or scratches. Check the Maxwell Williams here.

While storing, always stack similar sized and shaped items together so that these are balanced properly and there is less risk of an individual piece falling off. Always use tissue or soft cloth to create a soft padding between individual items. This will prevent the items from getting chipped or cracked.

Store your dinner plates or saucers in closed cabinets that have racks or plate liners so that no two piece rub against each other. You can even invest in some padded dinner storage cases which are just perfect for protecting your precious crockery from dust and damage.

Never store cups upside down as this may chip the rims and also make them look dirty. Instead, hang cups from hooks placed at safe distance from each other. Similarly, delicate stemware must always be stored in an upright position right at the back of your crockery cabinets. This will protect them from being accidentally knocked over.

Never store crockery and cutlery together as the hard metal cutlery items may easily scratch or chip your delicate crockery pieces.

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