How To Master Wakeboarding Grabs?

A professional wakeboarder can execute couple of grabs on his wakeboard. But before you can do it, you need a lot of time to practice. As most wakeboarder do, learning how to grab is also learning on how to balance and coordinate with their body better. This will be that start on learning other wakeboarding tricks!

Master the indy grab

The Indy grab is yet another phenomenally simple wakeboarding trick to master. All wake boarders either learn the tail grab or the Indy grab at the beginning of their wakeboard experience.

The Indy grab is an instinctive stunt. If you are a wakeboarder you will have to use your backhand to clutch the toe side (which lies in the middle) of your wakeboard. This does not require much balancing as the body will be pushed into a ball like position making it mighty hard to lose balance. As an added aid you can pull your knees towards the chest and facilitate your reach.

Experiment with the Stalefish Grab

The stalefish grab rates a notch higher on the difficulty level than the previously discussed versions of the wakeboarding grab. This trick will make the wakeboarder clutch fiercely at the heel side edge of the middle of the wakeboard. The wake boarder has to reach out his hands towards the backside while he/she is in mid air. This movement is a little hard on the balance of the body though there are ways to restore the balance of the body. You can try and lean ahead towards your toe edge while executing this trick.

One of the basic steps that you need to learn on this water sport is to get up on your wakeboard. One simple step to do this is:

Aligning your board to the boat

Your board and the tow-boat should be at a perpendicular angle to each other with your wakeboard facing away from the direction of the tow-boat. This should be your beginning stance as you prepare for wakeboarding.

This helps you control the board more effectively as you wait for the boat to speed up. Initially the nose of your wakeboard needs to face away from the wake. As the boat speeds up, bring the nose forward to face the wake. This will give you maximum control.

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