How To Prevent Running Injuries

If the doctor has diagnosed a running injury, then you need to slow down. The continued pounding of the pavement would make you vulnerable for pain, swelling of the Achilles, inflammation and other serious disorders. If you are a jogging enthusiast look out for a lower workout level which would not further punish the body. You can slowly increase the level on the advice of your doctor.

The common running injuries which may waylay a serious runner or jogger can be prevented with the help of some tips:

Do not strain

Experts point out that gradual increase in the strain levels is more beneficial for the body. Just don’t increase more than 10% of the mileage levels and send yourself in to shock. You need to gradually build up stamina and be cautious about the messages your body send you.

Stretch and warm up

Do not launch yourself in to serious running without proper warm up and stretching exercises. You need to acclimatize your body for the exercise which is essential for you well being. Mild stretching would prepare you for the ritual pounding on the pavement.

Proper gear is necessary

Always have proper running shoes and have knee pads and tapes to protect your joints. Your shoes need to be replaced periodically and check the insoles for damage and the select a shoe which is a perfect fit with a good gripping sole. Do not scrimp on running shoes as poor quality shoes may actually wear out your feet.

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