Industrial Workers and Forklifts Drivers

Construction and industrial sites do have dust pollution and it is important that you provide your workers and forklift drivers with respirators. Many are required to wear masks for their immediate protection but respirators provide protective and preventive care. These respirators include particle filters which sieves out he airborne fine particles like dust and minute materials like silica.

Silica, asbestos and other metals are carcinogens which cause respiratory diseases like bronchitis and asthma and also lung cancer. Respirators like airline respirators are connected to a remote compressed air source which provides clean air in case of heavy contamination. Respiratory masks and respirators are compulsory for most of the workers and forklift drivers working in heavily contaminated zones.

Substitute less hazardous materials

Most of the construction and industrial work places use silica sand as abrasive blasting materials. It would be useful to replace the above with something less hazardous. One also needs engineering controls and containment methods like blast cleaning machines etc to reduce the exposure of the workers to abrasive and hazardous materials which cause respiratory diseases.

Remove trash and hazardous materials

Keeping the work place clean would minimize the exposure to a large extent. These would also provide a smooth working area thus minimizing accidents and other contamination.

Forklifts are powered by gasoline and propane and they are severe pollutants which cause allergies, respiratory diseases and severe organ malfunctions. The gas and diesel are known to increase the level of carbon monoxide which is an environmental pollutant and therefore is hazardous for the workers and the community health as a whole.

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