Kids Scooter Safety Gears

Helmets have been compulsory for all scooter riders since 1990. Since this equipment will protect your child from potential head injuries, always select a helmet with Australian Standards mark.

Different types of helmets are available in the market like foam only (where the inner foam is covered by fabric), micro shell (the foam has a thin plastic covering) and hard shell (foam encased in hard plastic). While buying a helmet, always ensure that it fits your child’s head snugly and sits just above the eyebrows. A well-fitting helmet will never move in any direction.

Similarly, buy knees; elbow and wrist guards with care after checking the quality and your child’s comfort factor.

Wearing and Maintaining the Safety Gears

Teach your child to wear the helmet correctly. The chinstrap must always be secured firmly without any twists. Obstacles like hair clips or ponytails make the helmet wobbly and should always be avoided. Maintain the protective gears correctly. Replace them immediately whenever a crack appears or if they are too old. Your child should also learn to clean the helmet regularly and correctly according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Some Other Safety Tips

Children should know that it is extremely dangerous to ride dirt scooter near busy thoroughfares. They should always select the comparatively empty and peaceful by-lanes or residential alleys.

They should compulsorily wear all protective gear even if they are going for a short ride nearby. If an older child is riding the scooter near busy roads, make sure that he understands and follows all the road rules to avoid accidents.

He should also be dressed in bright clothes to make him clearly visible to other drivers. Children should avoid riding after dusk as much as possible. It is also important to get off the scooter and cross busy roads on foot.

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