Making a Hiring Decision – What Features to Compare in Different Home Builders

Communication plays a vital part in a project as important and expensive as home building. You and your builder should agree on most points and you should be comfortable discussing different problem areas with him. Instead of leaving this vital area for later on, tackle it at the very beginning.

Ask different questions to the builders (on experience, resources, style of functioning etc) and assess their reaction. Avoid builders who seem rude, irritable or perfunctory in their attitude. As the customer you are within your rights to clarify any and every doubt and the builder must answer professionally instead of making your feel incompetent.

Compare on Time

While building a house, time is also of great importance as cannot postpone your regular work for an indefinite period just because you are ‘busy’ constructing your own home. Check the time required by different builders and decide as per your suitability. Some builders will take a few months more while others will speed up the work if requested. Other factors remaining the same; opt for a builder to can complete the project within a reasonable timeframe.

Compare on Home Indemnity

Under Australian law, all registered home builders are legally bound to take home indemnity insurance on their customers’ behalf during construction and till six years after the date of completion. This is done to ensure that your precious home can be completed even if the builder dies / disappears / declares bankruptcy.

Put your money on the builder who has the most number of positive reviews.

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