Moving House with Pets

The removal company you hire sends a removalist to assist you in moving. They provide you a checklist that contains reminders about cancelling newspaper subscriptions, filling out change of address forms, disconnecting phones, electricity and gas and many more. This may sound trivial, but it may become a stressful factor towards the end. Removalists obviously take some of that stress off you. But make sure your kids and your pets are not at home when a removal consultant comes to inspect your home.


Pets are like your children, too. They can easily pick up on your stress and craziness. You have to make sure they feel safe and comfortable. On moving day, it’s important that they are not home. They may become territorial and aggressive and scared of strangers.

Once they sense what is happening, they may become reclusive. So be prepared. Start managing them, too, a few weeks before. Make a small, new home for them. Place them in a basket and let them hide there as long as they want.

When you are finally moving, simply place the basket in the vehicle and let them be. They will come around when they start feeling comfortable.

Make a list of all the things they might need during and immediately after the move, like food, water, medications and their toys. And have them out before the removalists arrive. Let your friend or a relative look after them on moving day.

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It is recommended for you to hire a handyman to check and fix the outdoor space in your house.

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