Myths about the Germs in the Bathroom

Washrooms and toilets are the dirtiest place in a house or an office with ample breeding space for germs – or so it is widely believed. But if one were to go by the scientific facts, most of our fears about the dirty conditions of washrooms and bathrooms are unfounded and completely baseless. Here are the common myths

Myth – Washrooms are a storehouse of diseases

Truth – Most viruses and bacteria are airborne, and you are more likely to fall ill and catch a cold if the person standing next to you in an elevator sneezes on you than you are in a washroom. Well ventilated bathrooms do not offer the confined spaces needed for airborne germs to travel and infect the next person.

Myth – Toilet seats are a serious risk to one’s health

Truth – Skin to skin transmission of germs takes place only when there is an open wound or an area of broken skin that can act as an entry port for the germs. The viruses and bacteria on toilet seats would most probably be dead due to the use of disinfectants used by Commercial Cleaners.

Myth – It does not matter whether you sit or stand while you flush

Truth – Well actually it does! When you flush the toilet, the action of the water creates a fine mist or spray of water which might contain harmful bacteria. If you were to sit on the flush, this could cause hepatitis or cause an intestinal bug.

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