Organise A Successful Water Sport Tournament

It is imperative that you communicate with the participating teams and the individuals of your tournament. They are the heart and soul of your event and they are your publicity after the tournament. Make sure that you provide them with information about the local hotels, the draws and locations of the sports well in advance. Keep them informed about the weather. This is especially important in an aquatic event such as jet skiing and wakeboarding. Also notify them in case of delays and cancellations due to weather.

Day of the event

The day of the wakeboarding tournament can easily become hectic and a place of chaos if crowd control is not in place. Make sure that all the volunteers and necessary personnel are present, ready and equipped to perform their designated duties. Verify your risk management policies and personnel, such as lifeguards, emergency services, medical and first aid kits. Make sure that all the required equipments are in place. Ensure that all the paperwork is present or readily acquirable. Register your participants and arrange for briefings as appropriate, including the timings of the respective water sports. Warmly welcome your guests and other VIPs you invited. Prepare a speech, and it can afford to expand your budget, perform a small opening ceremony.

Take flyers and posters to other ongoing tournaments and if you have previously arranged a water sport tournament, contact the teams that have participated in the past.

Make sure to take care of your participants. You should have medical team if in case an emergency occurs.

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