Protecting Your Antenna While You are on a Holiday

Holiday is the time where you can relax and leave all your worries behind. You can only enjoy this when you have ensured everything before you go – this includes your house, TV, digital antennas and other important items. What follows are some of the ways on how you can protect your digital antenna while you are on vacation.

Shield it from rain

If you are going on a long vacation and it is pouring heavily, then there are chances of the rod of the antenna getting rusted. This rust will cause the rod to weaken and eventually break. So apply some oil on the rod and cover it with aluminium foil. This will make sure that the rod stays protected and safe.

Don’t let birds or animals sit on it

Hanging a scarecrow on your terrace or rooftop will keep the birds away. If birds or reptiles constantly sit or crawl on it, there is a possibility of the antenna moving from its position. After returning from the holiday, you will have to work to get back the correct position in which the digital antenna was placed. So keep a scarecrow near it to keep birds and small animals at bay.

Make the rooftop or terrace uninhabitable

Birds are more drawn towards empty homes for building nest. The more waste materials like rags and pieces of wood are there on the terrace, greater are the chances of animals and birds habituating in there. A plastic tin or base board can also attract these birds. Once they settle there, they will sit on the antenna very often. This will not only change the direction of the antenna but also make it completely filthy. So before leaving home on a holiday clean your terrace.

Following these simple tips may help in keeping the digital antenna intact till you return from the holiday.

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