Protein Supplements Facts and Truths

When the protein is consumed with a high volume of calories, the weight of an individual is sure to rise. If you consume higher amount of proteins but keep the calorie count constant, there will be no increase in the weight. However if the protein intake is accompanied by the equal amount of calorie consumption then the muscle and weight will develop.

Protein supplements also help an athlete to build and repair the muscle tissues inside the body during the workout sessions. People who follow an intense workout session require higher amount of protein intake than average people. It gives them the stamina to sustain through the whole duration of the workout.

Too much of protein is not always good

Our body has only limited capacity storage. When a heavy amount of carbohydrates is fed to the body, it has to decide whether to keep it or eliminate it. Carbohydrates are normally stored in the muscles and stomach to be utilized later in need, like after sprinting.

When we run, there is a sudden increase in the demand of the carbohydrates. This demand is fulfilled by the carbohydrate stored in the stomach. In case the carbohydrate is not obligatory by the body, it stores them permanently in the form of fat. Protein on the other hand has a different decomposition process. It decomposes in amino acids further. The excess of that amino acid will be drained out through urea.

The weight loss is also achieved by burning off the excess fat from the body using treadmills.

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