Reasons you should avoid Wakeboarding when you have Physical Problems

A wrong fall in which you hit the water face forward and your rib cage absorbs the impact of the fall can be very bad on your ribs. Bruises and cuts are de rigueur, bit a bad fall can hurt your muscles and cause tremendous amounts of pain or even break a bone or two. To absorb the impact of the fall, the muscles in your chest should be highly developed and should form a protective cushioning layer over your ribs.

Wakeboarding and vaginal injuries

Commonly known as a ‘waterski douche’ a vaginal tear or laceration caused by the force of water entering your vagina and peritoneum when you fall on your back butt first can be a very painful injury to say the least. The kind of injuries caused by the force of the water when you fall can include vaginal wall tears and lacerations, vaginal perforation, and severe damage to other parts of the body such as the bladder, cervix, and the uterus and fallopian tubes.

Apart from these, leg cramps and sprains are the most common wakeboarding injuries. Since your body is tied to the wakeboard via ties, your ankle becomes very vulnerable whenever you fall or take a turn. It is a rare wakeboarder who has not complained of ankle sprains. Broken bones, facial and head injuries are also part and parcel of the wakeboarder’s life. Which is why, if you are not a very active or physically fit person, you might want to stay away from wakeboarding until you gain prime fitness levels.

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