Recreation Kneeboard and Tricks

You can enjoy this water sport as a recreational activity to have an exhilarating experience. Recreation kneeboards are meant for amateur players. Having wide edges, recreation kneeboard provides a lot of surface to beginners, to stay on the kneeboard.

Its special design allows players to make sharp turns and moves. Some boards offer fins as well to make it more thrilling. The surface of the board is stiff and provides a great safety to the players.

Kneeboarding Tricks

There are many tricks for water athletes. What follows are some of the common tricks on kneeboard.

Jumping the wake

For jumping the wake, lean your body backwards, give a sharp cut to wake and throw you higher into air and then move towards the wake. Come back on the kneeboard on your stomach.

The Ole

Try this trick, only when you have become articulate in holding and balancing the rope. Hold the rope in one of your hands, gather the rope 6 feet behind the handle and take your hands towards your hips. Now, swing the remaining rope into the air above your head.

Riding Backwards

For riding backwards, take your hands behind your back and lean forward. Your nose will face the surface of kneeboards. While making the move, makes sure that you properly balance yourself, otherwise the board can tilt.

Wake 360 front to front

While your board in still following the wake, gather a part of rope and wrap it around your back and hold the handle. The wrapped rope will give you a spin to become straight.

You can keep increasing your level of tricks, once you become good with initial tricks. Using the recreation kneeboards, you can still practice advanced tricks.

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