Safety Guidelines for Wakeboarding Boat Driver

In any kind of sports, like water skiing, wakeboarding or even deep sea fishing, success is not guaranteed unless there is a team work. The same is true when you see a wakeboarder gracefully performs some tricks. This won’t be possible without the help of the boat driver and the spotter. Here are some tips that you can use in wakeboarding if you happened to be the boat driver.

Go straight and maintain it

Abrupt zig zag movements will confuse your partner and spoil the waterskiing experience for him/her. Anyway when you maintain a constant movement the wakes that you create will be even and help your boarding team have a lovely experience. Avoid long sweeping centrifugal arches as these will create powerful centrifugal arches which will perplex the rider. Even the other divers and skiers are going to get irritated if you churn up the entire lake.

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Show some courtesy

You have to think about the other divers while planning your moves around the lake. This includes your reaction to emergency situations. If your diver has faced a rough wake and shown no hand signals after it then it’s natural to be concerned and assume that he has hurt himself. Its also natural to want to rush back and help him.

You will probably want to make a sharp turn and whip the boat back to the rider. However this will turn the lake turbulent for everybody else. Instead learn to turn off the engine and move back gently.

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Wakeboarding is one the sports activities that prone to injuries. Consult physiotherapist if you happen to experience this.

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