Screen Doors: Your First Line of Defence

The intrusion of unwelcome guests in the middle of our sound sleep should be the last thing we have on mind. In this modern day and age, those burglars, thieves and even stalkers have a new way of breaking in.  Save yourself some hassle from disturbed sleep due to a simple noise in the front porch. It is a good thing that there’s a new take on security doors and screen doors. The absence of a high-quality home security can put your life and property in danger. If you are still in the middle of decision-making, let me give you some reasons on why installing these bad boys can double up your protection.

Screen Doors

See-through protectionScreen Doors

Security screens are armed with steel frames and strong mesh that cannot be cut or pried open.  It will take a lot of effort for burglars to get into your house.  It is durable whilst maintaining the same aesthetic appeal of your home.

Safe and sound

Doors will always be the first obstacle every intruder must pass. If you have installed a door that can deter criminals right away, you’ll have the peace of mind that they would not get any further.

Plenty of variations

There is the right screen door that will fit your needs.  You can personalise one based on your home requirements. You can consider having one of this:

Fly Screens

Make your home insect free. This is made from the finest metal mesh that can ensure that no insect can fly their way into your property.

7mm Diamond Grill Screens

You don’t need to sacrifice design over the security of your home anymore. This diamond patterned grills can still compliment your taste whilst maintaining its functionality.

There are a lot of options available in the market. You just need to be wise and precise on what type of security you really need.

It is always better than every detail of your property is well taken care of. Especially your home security. Dolomites Blinds & Awnings is one of the best suppliers of quality screen doors.  Just give them a call and their professional staff can handle your concerns in no time.

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