Setting up and tuning your Indoor Antenna

Tuning in a digital T.V antenna is vastly different than tuning in analogue TV set. Your (or the professional installer’s) job will be to programme the digital T.V box and then sit and observe the reception for some time.

Two things can happen. If you are lucky you might start getting crisp picture quality but if you are not so lucky you will become trialed in an endless dance of trial and error. If your signal is a little weak then the receiver may not be able to trace its path to the stations. It’s best not to keep any electronic appliances in the room where you keep your digital T.V antenna. Try moving the position of the antenna until you get best picture quality.

You can also talk to your next door neighbor (or anybody else who lives nearby and uses the same transmitter) whether you can fine tune your digital box using their rooftop aerial. If the best position to place your antenna is near a window which is far away from your T.V then you can buy an extension wire.

Only some channels are found

Only a few channels are found after scanning. This may be the case with one TV, but the other TV in your home could be perfectly all right. Usually, the cause for this is deteriorated received signal. The arms of your digital antenna may be damaged because of the weather or birds.

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