Signs that Your Refrigeration Solution is not Working Properly

You can find the refrigerator in houses, restaurants or any food business. This equipment works 24x7x365 for your perishable commodities, raw foods or even cooked meals. In due time, if not properly maintained, will show some signs that this is not working well. What follows are some of these:

The Refrigerator is not Cooling Properly

A typical problem faced by owners of commercial refrigerators is lack of optimal cooling. This can be really frustrating especially when you have tonnes of raw, processed or cooked food and other perishable items inside. Insufficient cooling is often the first sign that you may have to invest in a new commercial refrigeration system. Most of the times, a faulty thermostat is behind inadequate cooling in refrigerators. When the thermostat is not working properly, it fails to detect the right temperature inside the freezer unit because of which the unit fails to maintain the optimal temperature.

The Refrigerator is making Funny Noises

Large commercial refrigerators are built to work noiselessly or emanate a gentle continuous humming sound. Most of the times, this is just the sound of the compressor running. Along with it, the fan belt; fan motor and fan blade are the other components of your refrigeration unit that are make noises during normal functioning.

However, if your unit starts making funny noises like buzzing, grinding or knocking, you may have to call in professional refrigerator repair services for checking out your unit. If your unit makes a gurgling sound or a sucking noise, it could indicate that the level of refrigerant in the system has gone down considerably.

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The Condenser Makes Unusual Sounds

Sometimes, the condenser can make strange noises that will indicate overheating. Refrigeration units are built in a way that shuts the condenser automatically in case of overheating. Once the unit returns to normal temperature, the condenser restarts itself and resumes normal work. Overheating can result from dirt or grime blocking the condenser and hampering its normal efficiency. in such a case, you will hear repeated clicking sound of the condenser shutting itself down and then restarting after some time.

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