Smashing Website Design Tips

Complicated designs may seem appealing but by having visual overloads can actually do more harm than good. Website design, as much as possible, must be made simple and direct to the point. You must avoid confusion among the viewers by adding too much of the good thing, so the speak. Below are some smashing tips that can turn you design appeal to people belonging in different age groups:

Add contrast

By adding color contrasts, your viewers can immediately distinguish the sections or areas in the webpage. You can also use only one main color but make use of different levels of color shades to emphasize the distinction of subjects.


The use of gradient is advisable in website design but avoid overloading the page with such. The gradients are used to emphasize a message, but using too much of it can cause some confusion on the viewers. You can use it either horizontally or vertically to add a little ‘drama’ on the webpage. Avail the service of website designers to create or redesign your website.


This aspect in website design can be very challenging because aside from the many options to choose from, too much of it can destroy the over-all appearance of the webpage. Colors can be used to point out the essential information on a webpage.

Letter spacing

Letter distance or kerning can have a negative impact on the website design, if not done appropriately. The spacing has a big impact on how the webpage would appear. If you notice, some webpage are a bit difficult to comprehend because it is ether the letter spacing is too close or too far away from each other. As a web designer, you will notice that if you play with the different letter spacing, the impact it creates is huge.


This refers to as refining the edges on all aspects of the website design. For instance, the determination as to whether a text will be presented in either HTML or as an image. All texts, whether in upper or lower case must have smooth edges, meaning the texts must be sharp enough, especially in the case of small texts, to be read by the viewers. Blurring or ant-aliasing of images and texts must be refined by the web designer.


The blurring in website design definitely adds some drama on the webpage. Through this process, it can give an emphasis on the more important information on the webpage. Blurring can be done on the foreground and background and it can make an object stand out.

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