Successful Wedding Photographers

Where I come from, I know of lawyers, bank managers, a few billionaires and at least one celebrated genius also work as wedding photographers. Here are a few examples.

Scanning the newspapers less than ten years ago, I accidentally landed in the society pages and saw wedding photos of a billionaire’s daughter. In one of the frames, the brother, also a billionaire was seen almost lying down the dance floor while aiming his SLR camera with huge lenses and happily taking photos of his niece and her husband. I thought then that the guy is probably a photography enthusiast and was just enjoying showing off his expensive gadget.



A few years down the road, I bumped into a bank manager who has a lot of photography books in his office. He told me that during the weekend, he goes partners with more established friends in the industry and works as wedding photographers. He says that weddings are a good source of income that they use to support their expensive passion for photography. You see, then, professionals still used films and had their own dark rooms at home. Photography at that time was a lot more expensive than it is today.

At about the same period, a popular brand of child milk formula was featuring extremely intelligent kids in commercials calling them gifted children. In the commercials, some of the gifted kids were shown flawlessly playing difficult piano pieces, rapidly reciting the periodic table of elements or doing complicated mathematical solutions. A couple of months ago, one of the gifted kids was featured on TV and this time, she’s with wedding photographers.

About a decade ago, a friend was reviewing for the bar exams and after that, embarked on a government career where he rose from the ranks. Today, he’s out of the government but he probably has a few businesses. For sure, he works in tandem with other wedding photographers and shoots nuptials. This, I know, because I once had coffee with him on a Saturday and he was wearing a nice suit. He told me that he had a wedding to shoot. Checking his Facebook account later, I he had photos while doing glamour shots. The hobby must be paying him good money that he is spending most of his time in it.

Thinking about it, photographing weddings can indeed be a very lucrative business. With millions of people being born each year, a few millions must also be getting married, at least, for the first time in their lives.

It is therefore a good idea to start this hobby and learn photo editing. Reading good photography books and joining camera clubs will also make learning faster and before long, paid projects should follow. It will also help if the photographer has a beautiful website and at least, a small studio. A friend used to offer to shoot people for free while building his portfolio. But now, he receives invitations for paid shoots. He now gets to enjoy his hobby while getting paid for it.

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