Things to avoid when Redesigning you’re Website

A good web design is one of the pre-requisites for having a successful online venture. But in keeping with trends, or sometimes when you are introducing a brand new feature in your web portal, you do need to re-design your existing website. If your previous website was doing well, then the focus should be on retaining the features that excited and attracted customers, and trying to integrate them with the new design.

If, however, the reason for creating something new is to up the customer inflow then your web design needs to be above par and have the ‘wow’ factor.

Do Not clutter the website with too much content. Keep it easy to read

If there is one thing that our generation lacks strongly – it’s time. And in this fast paced world, a content-heavy website is a relic. If your website is not mobile friendly and cannot be skimmed through, chances are that people will skip it altogether and go for something more easy on the eyes. Studies show that most people read only about 28% of the content on the web-pages.

Do Not make your website too unconventional

It is a good idea to have a web design that’s completely fresh and unique, but creativity does not mean you have the license to turn the entire web design world topsy-turvy. Blue links for example are associated with call-to-action links, and users respond to this automatically. So even though you may not like it, you have to follow conventions such as these and avoid creating your own conventions or risk losing market.

Do Not do away with the Search Box and limit it to 30 characters

Search boxes are important aspects of the website’s design and they help your customer navigate the site and find relevant information easily. An ideal search box should be able to accommodate about 27 characters. This character length limit should be able to accommodate about 90% of all queries that come in to a site and allows your user the freedom to experiment with his search terms

Do Not have confusing UI controls

Simply put, UI controls are elements on the web page that one expects the user to interact with and use; like drop-down menus and call-to-action buttons. Avoid putting confusing elements on your website – buttons that are designed to look like they will make something happen but instead do nothing. Confusing design elements only frustrate the user and make him want to run away from the site faster.

Need tips to improve the usability of your website?

Distributing a flyer is one way to market your product.


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