Tips and Tricks on Heelside Wake Jump

If you want to attempt the heel wake jump, you should have certain prerequisites. You should be able to edge and curve with efficiency in water. You should be able to slide through the wakes at normal speed. And, you should be able to Ollie. As you start doing these tricks on your CWB wake boards, you will slowly be able grasp the harder styles and tricks.

You need to keep certain things in mind while attempting this trick for the first time.


You have to start working towards a progressive edge. In this, you will build a tension by leaning harder against the rope and have your feet planted firmly on wake boards. The tension on the wakeboard rope will propel you to ride the upcoming wake and into the air.

You should first start practicing how to load the tension on the rope line sans the wakes. You should concentrate on your posture for the progressive edge. In this, you will start by drifting towards the boat, then lean in and speed up when a wake is approaching. When you reach the crest of the wake, you will be super fast to have a smooth landing.


When you land, make sure your knees are bent and you are pulling the tow handle to give you balance. In addition, keep your concentration on the boat and ensure that you keep the tension built on the tow handle. This will help you land smoothly without falling into the water.


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