Tips for Buying a Kneeboard

If you are into the sporting action of knee boarding, then you need an expert’s kneeboard. These are kneeboards that are made through compression moulding which provides more thrust for knee boarders. They are sharper at the edges for quick turns and balancing the speed in deep waters. These competitive kneeboards are thinner than recreational boards but less buoyant in water. For an expert, this is best suited as these are very durable.

Board Construction

Kneeboards are constructed with materials of fibreglass or graphite composite exterior wraps the core made from polyurethane or foam. The materials used are similar to that used to make water skis. Fibreglass is mostly used for competitive boards.

There are fins that are attached to the bottom of the board to enable easy steering in recreational boards. Fins are also made of fibreglass composite material

Rockers are key for knee boarding as it is directly related to the speed of the kneeboards. Rockers are the curves at the bottom of the kneeboard that responsible for the speed of the kneeboard.

Most kneeboards have the rocker measurement of 5-6 centimetres. If you are beginner, then you will have a high rocker which focuses on easier turning than on speed. If you are an expert, then you are a lower rocker number for a faster speed.

Ropes and handles

The average length of the kneeboard rope is 60-70 feet and the handle ranges from 13-15 inches in width.

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