Tips to Kneeboarding

It is highly important that you perform warm up exercises and flex your muscles before you go into the water. As the motorboat pulls you behind it, your muscles may tighten and make you fall. So once you are done with your stretching, get into the water with your kneeboards, tie the rope securely to the back of the boat and get ready.

Lie down on your kneeboard, on your stomach, placing your elbows by your knees. Bring your arms up slowly and hold the handle of the board, with your thumb below the handlebar. Once you get a good grip on the handle and once the motorboat starts moving, lift your head slowly and pull yourself up. Your nose should be right over the nose of the board. Let your forearms still be on the board as you hold the handle.

As you get a good grip, try to pop up on your knees slowly and try to grab the tip of the board with your fingertips. Do not let go of the handle when you attempt this. Now get up slowly and position your knees properly on the board. Let the motorboat pick up speed. If you happen to experience a problem with your knees, consult a physiotherapist.

The Right Speed

Choosing the right speed is important, too. Choose the speed depending upon your body weight and your skill. Children should be towed at not more than 5 mph. Adults, however, can go up to 20 mph. But it’s always safe for beginners to tow at a slower speed.

Position Your Body Properly

As the boatman increases the speed of the boat, you will begin to experience some bumps along the way. Use your body to steer then. Bend your knees a little and turn your head and shoulders in the direction you want to go. Make sure you never slouch.


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