Waste Management Tips for Office Waste

Management of waste is one of the important factors contributing to a sustainable and ecological development of the society and surroundings. Waste materials can originate from industrial, commercial, agricultural, domestic and various other sources and it is everyone’s responsibility to contribute towards efficient waste management.

Office wastes mostly include papers, cardboard, re-usable stationery items, electrical equipments, drink containers, canteen or lunch wastes and other miscellaneous items. Here are some tips to manage your office waste.

Reduce Paper Usage

Setting up a limitation in the usage of paper in the office is one of the important parts of waste management in the office. While printing and photocopying, writing or drawing, always use both sides of the paper. Do not dispose off papers that are printed on one side. Use the non-printed sides for internal documents and also re-use them in fax machines.

Use e-mails to send messages and documents from one desk to another more frequently. Also keep a check on taking out frequent print outs of various documents. Do it only if you need a hard copy of the document. Try to utilize the size reduction facility of your office copiers as often as you can. Often you can adjust two pages of a document or a book meant to be copied in just one standard plain sheet by adjusting size reduction of your copier.

Know to Reuse

Reuse old papers as notepads without throwing them in the waste paper bin. You can also use send-and-return envelopes, reusable inter and intra office envelopes to save and reduce the usage of paper in your office.

Having skip bins will help you in the waste management program.

When moving to a new office, hire a professional removals company. Their employees are highly trained to handle high value items and equipments like computers, routers, printers and others.

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