Wedding Reception Menu – How to Plan?

The food should be decided as per the theme of the party. Would you like a cocktail party, rich dinner or both ? This is good to discuss with the caterer as you can discuss the possible ideas for the menu which will add charm to the grand wedding. You must get the best catering services who have a good record in deciding about the drinks as per the menu. If alcohol is being served then the snacks should be as per that. Pairing food and wine is crucial, which depends on the caterer you are hiring. It would also be nice if the caterer will serve the food using Maxwell and Williams homewares.

Speak to the caterer

Communicate your ideas to the caterer and your preferences for the wedding menu should be clear. This will help you to address the issues as well. Find a single point of contact where you can reach in case something is not proper and has to be arranged quickly. Creative and economical ideas should be contributed by the catering team as well. Thus, you will be able to decide the best menu. Determine the things preferred by your guests.

Combination of vegetarian and non vegetarian meal should be perfect. If the meal is as per the specific group only, then the wedding could be a disaster. Thus, to avoid such problems, you have to understand the preference of your guests and communicate it well to the catering services team, so everything is systematic and pleasing.

The catering equipment used in a party greatly affects the impression and memories of the guests.

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