What Steps to Follow when Linking MYOB and CRM for Large Companies

To run your business successfully, you need to focus on primarily two areas of your operations namely marketing and sales. Marketing involves increasing your brand value by staying connected with existing customers and tapping new customer base. Sales involves the actual transaction, analyzing data related to it and evaluating your ROI vis-à-vis your marketing inputs.

What is MYOB?

MYOB or Mind Your Own Business is an award-winning; user-friendly accounting package that allows companies to manage their sales related data such as accounting, invoice, tax and other financial operations in a smooth and efficient manner. For large organizations, MYOB offers several applications and upgrades to help reduce workload and save time through automated computation and data generation.

What is CRM?

CRM or Customer Relation Management is a type of software that helps you to organize customer management in a structured manner. With CRM, you can easily identify potential customers based on demographic data, buying habits, similar tastes, socio-economic condition and so on. CRM software therefore allows you to maximize your marketing inputs by optimizing customer relation.

Integrating MYOB with CRM

Using CRM and MYOB separately means you are wasting the opportunity of simultaneously comparing and analyzing customer preference and its reflection in your sales data. This is because CRM keeps track of customer relations while MYOB takes care of the sales figures.

Using different software for different purpose makes the process unnecessarily lengthy and complicated. Moreover, task is duplicated as you have to enter the same data twice. MYOB integrated CRM therefore allows you to automate your business operations through end-to-end software applications.

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