Why You Should Check Your Portable Appliances?

The results of the tests conducted are clearly represented in the tag. The results are written as “passed”, “valid till”, “tested for safety” or “don’t use after” etc. These labels are firmly stuck to various parts of the appliance.

There are two kinds of cycle for PAT testing and they are high risk 93 months) and low risk (6 months). The results of these tests are generally stored in computer files and these files are kept in the able possession of environmental department as well as department of health and safety. The PAT test is very important for all kinds of hand held, plugged in or portable appliances.

Ensure proper maintenance

Once your portable appliances are certified by a test and tag company you can be sure that they would have gained some pretty good shelf life. Any minor defects are pointed out before they become huge performance issues. If you run an office, a bed and breakfast place or a construction site or any other commercial set up for that matter, it is in your best interests to have appliance testing done. You do not obviously want your precious time and energy to be spent in making calls to electrical repair services for maintenance.

Standard test and tag companies will conduct two types of discharge tests namely the Manual Discharge Test and the Automatic Discharge Test. Under the former, the service provider will check that the lights remain illuminated for ninety minutes and under the later, the provider will check each indicator light separately to ensure that all lights are operational. He will go over all emergency and exit lights thoroughly to check for blackened ends in starters and tubes and replace these wherever required.

Testing and Tagging can clean all reflecting and light emitting surfaces so that the lights glow at their brightest when everything else around is dark and chaotic. This means, once a particular test session is over, all your exit and emergency lights would be reinstated to their normal operation level and all batteries would be in top condition for emergency service.

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