Accommodation in Subic Bay: Where to Go

To escape the bustling life in Manila, head on north and visit Subic for a quick weekend getaway. For only a 3-hour ride from the Philippine capital, you will surely have a blast getting around this town. If you are fond of a relaxing and luxurious stay, get to know your Accommodation in Subic Bay. Here are some lush places you could try on your next visit:

Lighthouse Marina Resort

Aptly named for its famous structure, this hotel screams lavishness everywhere you look. Amidst the clear night sky, you can see this hotel light up along the shoreline. With its 34-room structure, you can easily find one to accommodate you for the weekend.

Due to its extravagant features, the Lighthouse Marina Resort remains to be the top choice for many individuals. In fact, because of its historic structure and significance, this has become home to many visiting public figures.

Court Meridian Hotel

To get a taste of comfort and opulence whilst in the city, consider staying in Court Meridian Hotel. This elegant boutique inn features a stunning view of the bay’s rolling seas and the famous highlands of Zambales. Strategically located near the beach, you can swim and explore the area any time you want.

With dark wooden interiors, this lodge reminds you of your home away from home. With a rustic industrial feel, their cosy rooms make you feel right at home.

Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel

If you are up for a weekend of fun and adventure, going to Camayan Beach Resort and Hotel might just be your best bet. Designed for thrill-seeking individuals and for nature-lovers alike, this is perfect for those who want to explore the seas and engage in an active lifestyle. With its exciting range of water and beach activities, you are sure to get a day of fun and adventure.

Immerse yourself in nature by staying in one of their many rooms. Designed with sustainable and indigenous materials, this hotel showcases only the best from the Philippines. What’s more is you can see sprawling gardens and serene bay views that is unlike any other.

These are just some of the many places where you can get accommodation in Subic Bay. What are you waiting for? Gear up for a weekend of excitement or a vacation of a lifetime! For more information, visit today.

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