Important Questions when You Buy Phone Screens

Having the latest smartphone is a type of luxury you had to work hard to get. And as expensive as it is, the more you need to keep it protected.

But sometimes, no matter how durable they say your gadget is, a bad fall can still cause its screen to crack. In this case, there’s no other choice but to buy phone screens and let expert technicians do the repair on your device.

As a customer, it’s your responsibility to make sure you have a trusted and experienced one to fix your smartphone.

Here are important questions to ask technicians who will replace the screen:

  • How much will it cost me?

If your device is made with a Gorilla glass screen, it’s sure to be scratch-proof. But remember, it doesn’t make your device indestructible. And since most manufacturers morph the glass and the LCD screen together, it’s bound to be more expensive.

A good tip is to go around different screen repair services and haggle for the best price.

  • How long will the replacement take?

Phone screens, especially those with combined glass and LCD, take some time to replace. But don’t worry, this kind of work takes only about an hour or less to do.

It all depends on whether you want an on-site repair, where the repair professionals will come to you; or a mail-in service, where you’ll send your device via delivery package.

  • What kind of devices have you worked on?

Whilst you’ll most likely see their past works on their website, there’s no harm in asking experts during your initial interview. This way, you’ll be able to assess whether they have deep knowledge in their work or not.

  • Are your services insured?

Before you entrust your device to any technician, make sure that their services are insured. It helps you avoid becoming a liability to any compensation or replacement fee.

Remember, you were promised with quality service. Therefore, it’s only right that you don’t shoulder anything in case experts fall short of their work.

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