How to Design Candle Labels

Candle labels are perfect for personalizing your waxy creations! Regardless if you’re an enthusiast or looking to start your own brand, a properly designed tag will make your candles unique from the rest. If you’re looking to design your own label, here are a few tips that should help.

Candle Labels

Name your product!

Every business owner will know that the most important aspect of branding is the product’s name. It needs to be one-of-a-kind to make it stand out. Furthermore, you want something that reflects your business’ ideals. It should say something about the unique way the item was made. Take this chance to get creative!

To name your product, it’s best to make a list of all your ideas. Then, you need to check it with your state or territory’s database. You’ll have to get it registered or trademarked if you’re really looking to sell it to a mass market. In this case, you should check if someone else has claimed the name you’ve chosen. From there, you can narrow down your list to viable options.

Personalise it!

Those who don’t plan to sell their candles won’t have to register a name. If you’re making them for gifts, you should opt for a personalised message instead. It’s a good idea to include the recipient’s name and a special message. This makes your gift even more special. Alternatively, you can print out a standard message with no name, if you’re gifting in bulk.

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It should be informative.

Both entrepreneurs and hobbyists should include a short, detailed description of the product. Most homemade candles will have a unique scent to them. List down the base notes you’ve used in the process. This will entice people to light the wick straightaway!

Business owners will want to add some details about their company. This can include the history, or the special process you do that sets you apart from other manufacturers. Some states and territories will require you to include certain information, such as the weight, ingredients used and usage instructions.

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