How to Utilise Your Corporate Video Production Company

Hiring a corporate video production company is a must for any business. If you’re not utilising videos as a platform, your competitors are. In fact, 85% of all establishments have dedicated teams to do the job. Whilst it is beneficial to have a brand presence in this medium, what’s more, important is how effectively you use this form of marketing.

Here are some ways you can make the most out of a team of videographers:

Focus on effective content.

Many business owners make the mistake of cramming too much information into one clip. This is a big mistake.

According to research, the most effective videos last only 2 minutes long. Remember that your audience online has a shorter attention span. 30-minute videos aren’t the most effective, as they have a retention rate of only 10%.

On the other hand, those that are under two and a half seconds have a whopping 55% retention rate – that’s more than half of your initial audience!

Content needs to be targeted towards a specific audience. Most of the time, viewers are looking for relevant information. This needs to be relayed in a concise manner, without losing track of the product or service you’re marketing.

It comes as no surprise that the four most effective videos are: explainers, how-tos, product demonstrations and testimonials. They’re straight to the point and informative.

If you’re using Facebook as a platform, optimise your content for viewing without sound.

Facebook is a huge platform for online marketing. Now that they’ve optimised their website for watching videos, businesses now have a huge opportunity to reach a broader audience. As a platform, Facebook is highly effective – even more so than YouTube. Clips that are posted on the social media sites have 10 times more reach than those uploaded on YouTube.

Whilst effective as a platform, Facebook works differently from other social media sites. YouTube videos are most commonly watched with the full audio-visual experience. On the other hand, as much as 85% of Facebook clips are watched with the sound muted off. This is why you should include captions when using the social media site.

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