Home Design Trends to Ask Custom Builders

Building your home from scratch can both be an exciting and daunting journey. However, with professional custom builders on your side, you will surely achieve the vision of your dreams. If you have been looking to update your property’s look or simply looking for inspiration for your next abode, here are some design trends you can try:

Custom Builders

Custom Builders

Go Au Naturale

This 2018, more homeowners are inclined to go green and au naturale. In fact, many individuals want more sustainable materials to be incorporated into their property. If you want to jump in on this trend, why not ask your builders about this? They can recommend various types of floors made of natural and reclaimed wood as well as other recycled materials.

Vintage Light Fixtures

Interesting light fixtures are all the rage these days, more so, vintage lighting. If you are fond of pieces that invite conversation, consider using these decorations. Some materials that are perfect for this type of trend include copper, brass and pendant-shaped lighting. Not only do these go well with modern and minimalist designs, these are also great for a rustic and more natural approach.

Warm Colours

Say goodbye to stark and pale colours of yesterday. 2018 welcomes warmer and bolder hues than ever before. After all, this is one way to make space feel cosier and inviting to guests. If you want to channel this look, don’t hesitate to include a lot of caramel browns, reds, yellows, beiges and even soft, green hues. Have these painted on your walls or incorporate these through carefully curated furniture.

Wabi-Sabi Style

This style takes inspiration from Japanese philosophy. It teaches individuals to embrace the organic, natural and the imperfect. It opens the eyes of people to see beauty in the ordinary. To help incorporate this trend, try putting weaved items such as baskets and rugs. These lend your space a cosier and homier appeal.

Ask your custom builders to help you achieve the look that you’ve always wanted. With Optimal Homes, you will surely have the home of your dreams.