Important Questions to Ask Your Electrician

Whether you’re renovating a home you’ve just purchased or you’re tired of your present home’s electrical system, always consider having it checked, maintained and repaired by a licensed electrician in Sunshine Coast.


Luckily, such professional services are now within your reach. By simply going online, it’s easy to find a trusted and reputable electrical company that will send an expert to your home.

Here are important questions to ask your electrician for your peace of mind:

Are you licensed?

A valid licence is the number one thing you should look for when hiring any professional. That’s because it serves as evidence that they have gone through proper education and training in order to become qualified for the job.

How long have you been in business?

It’s not enough that you hired a licensed one, it helps to hire an experienced one as well. Look for an electrician that has worked on something similar to yours.

Do you provide an insurance for your services?

Make sure that before you sign any contract, the insurance covers any medical fees in case the professional gets injured whilst working on your system. Aside from that, check that you’re safeguarded from becoming a liability to any replacement or compensation fees.

Can you give me a list of your contact references?

As part of your background check, don’t be shy to ask a list of contact references. Hear what their former clients have to say.

Ask about the quality of service given to them and if they encountered any issues afterwards. If any issues did occur, ask how the company responded and how the handled the matter.

Where can I read reviews about your company?

Aside from contact references, maximise your online search by looking for any reviews regarding the company and their services. Keep in mind that a reputable company and a good professional welcome all types of feedback.

Remember that when it comes to the safety of your home, quality matters over cheap rates. Find the right licensed electrician in Sunshine Coast for your home by visiting Redsell’s website today!

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